Swakeert Jain

About Me

I am an enthusiastic, self-motivated and proactive Full Stack Engineer, having delivered data centric applications as part of team and in capacity of leader. After completing my Masters from University College London, I worked at Zalando in the Big Data and ML space and at AIG as a Full Stack Developer, later taking on the responsibilities of Tech Lead.

After taking a year off to travel and spend time with family, I am currently in ideation and validation phase for my start up idea. I am enthusiastic about digital privacy, sustainability, fintech and prospects of Web3. Open to part time or freelancing opportunities.


  • Python
  • Django
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
  • AWS, Terraform, CI/ CD
  • Linux, CLI, Docker
  • React.JS, Redux, SCSS
  • Data Engineering
  • Machine Learning


Acting Technical Lead

AIG , London, UK September 2020 - May 2021

- Assumed responsibility of Tech Lead, when they were on paternity leave.
- Performed immediate course correction and stabilised a depleted team struggling to meet deadlines.
- Worked with Strategy and Product Owner to reprioritise features and made time to reduce tech debt.
- Oversaw team bifurcation into dedicated web and data engineering teams, while meeting release timelines and Product OKRs.
- Participated in design and ideation sessions with Design, Strategy and Product teams for upcoming features and user stories.

Software Engineer

AIG , London, UK June 2019 - May 2021

- Part of the Investments AI team, with the vision to create "AI first" products for the Investments and Insurance arms of AIG Global.
- Worked on a web based platform that pre aggregates geo spatial data from various sources and offers interactive graphs and maps based visualisation along with in house ML insights.
- Led an initiative to separate out the data pipelines into its own ETL service and assumed responsibility of software design, implementation and deployment (in collaboration with the DevOps team).
- Led an initiative to implement performance metrics logging and created a dashboard to measure relevant KPIs.
- Worked on a service wrapper around third party GIS server software for automating data transformation and loading.
- Took interviews and participated in cross team code reviews, architecture planning, knowledge sharing and other department wide initiatives.

Software Engineer

Zalando SE , Berlin, Germany April 2018 - April 2019

- Worked towards a company wide initiative called ‘ML Enablement’ to standardise ML practices.
- Implemented an end to end model pipeline solution including a Model Management platform.
- Developed libraries to inherently introduce reproducibility and traceability in ML Models and Data.
- Worked with AWS, Spark, Presto, Message Queues and other big data technologies.
- Led a Hackathon project as idea owner to deliver interactive recommendation services with Google Assistant.

Python/ Django Developer

Coinstrats , London, UK July - September, 2017

- Worked on thesis, titled ‘Optimal Trading Execution Framework’, under mentorship from Coinstrats.
- Developed a platform with Python, Django backend, MySQL database and HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery on the front end.
- System allowed users to trade cryptocurrency using TWAP, VWAP and PoV algorithms.
- Market trends, algorithm performance and other figures were represented with interactive graphs.

Lead Python Developer

StartXLabs , New Delhi, India June - August, 2016

- Led a team of four in developing 4 small and medium scale applications.
- Was a point of contact for the clients and responsible for project delivery.
- Developed Spiders and Crawlers using Scrapy to collect information from the web.
- Set up and maintained servers on AWS and Linode, deploying the applications from scratch.
- Created training modules for new team members as well as for future hires.
- Used Git (BitBucket), Trello, Slack and Skype in professional environment.

Web Development Advisor

Customer Service Labs, New Delhi, India August - September, 2015

- Provided technical guidance to the company on variety of web development technologies.
- Mediated between Customer Labs and agency developing the project.
- Oversaw that all targets and deadlines were met.
- Completed and corrected pressing issues, when necessary.

Technical Intern

Jaarwis Technologies , Gurgaon, India June - August, 2015

- Team member of Tag, Promon and Callfixie server development team.
- Studied server codes of all projects at Jaarwis.
- Studied about and gave a presentation on Docker to peers.
- Built and deployed images to containerize all projects at Jaarwis, in the development environment.
- Created modules to simulate Tag hardware behavior and its iOS and Android app functionalities.
- Created backend module for CRM team to send automated emails and SMS to customers.
- Used Redmine, Git, GitHub, Docker, Google Apps and Skype, etc. in a professional environment.


MSc Web Science and Big Data Analytics

University College London , London, UK September 2016 - September 2017

Modules – Machine Learning, Statistical Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval and Data Mining, Distributed Systems and Security, Programming for Business Analytics, Complex Networks, Web Economics, Interaction Design.

Bachelor of Computer Applications (B.C.A.)

Maharaja Surajmal Institute , New Delhi, India August 2013 - June 2016

Achieved First Division with Distinction. Served as a member of the Tech Society for 2 years, later working in a closed group with the professors to develop and deploy an attendance portal (web and android), receiving special recognition from the Director of Institute.
Modules – Mathematics, C, Data Structures, Computer Architecture, OOPS, C++, DBMS, Java, Web Technologies, PHP, Operating Systems, Data Warehousing and Mining, Linux.